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7.5 Tonne Vehicles For Courier Use

A 7.5-tonne vehicle is a good option to consider for carrying many items that are considered too large for a usual courier type van. The opportunity to use the truck depends on the size and weight of your packages, but the capacity is far more when compared to other widely used courier vehicles. These vehicles are used widely in the Supersonic Sameday industry for the delivery of the larger pallet type consignments.

About 7.5 Tonne Vehicles

These vehicles are used widely in Britain for those that want their boxes, pallets, and such like transferred from one place to another. Basically, if you have a large load to transport, this type of vehicle is probably the best option for you. Every single day on the roads of Britain, you can see these trucks doing their job and carrying all types of packages across the country. Without them, it is highly likely that the stocks of the smaller high street stores would not be renewed daily, as they are required.


Depending on the manufacturer and size of a lorry, the dimensions can be an average of 6 meters in length and 2.4 meters in width and height. These kind of trucks are available with the box or curtain type body. The curtain-type body is a more versatile option because it is easier to discharge the packages and is extremely suitable to access the loaded pallets directly from the side by using a forklift which makes the work both simpler and faster.

7.5 Ton Truck Load Capability

The 7.5 tonne truck for courier deliveries has some very useful specifications. With a capability to transfer from 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes in weight, and up to 10-12 standard pallets, it is an economical and suitable choice to deliver goods and packages of many sizes. Moreover, some courier companies are offering the same 7.5-tonne trucks but with a tail lift capable of carrying up to 750KG. Because of the additional weight the tail lift adds to the truck, the overall capacity of the load is is reduced to approximately 2.5 tonnes.

Service Fee Per Mile

Costs vary greatly depending on which part of the UK you are sourcing the 7.5 Tonne vehicle. Some companies will charge less when a vehicle is making a trip back to base empty, if a load fits in with the route that they will be taking. There is an element of luck involved here though so expecting to get any kind of discount as a result of this is wishful thinking.

All in all, 7.5-tonne trucks are perfect in size and with the capability to carry up to 3 tonnes of goods, it is one of the most versatile vehicles to transport goods across the country.


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